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AAA Pressure Washing Services Cape Coral & Fort Myers Florida

We pressure wash Drive Ways, Boat Docks, Decks, Home Exteriors, Mobile Homes, Pool Cages, Roofs, Soffit/Gutters, Seawalls and Windows.
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We Offer Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Service.

Roof Safe & Effective for removing Mildew, Mold & Dirt
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Fort Myers Pressure Washing Service

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

We can pressure was your place of business! We specialize in Awnings, Building Exteriors, Front Entrances, Parking Lots, Patio Areas, Sidewalks and dumpsters.
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Pressure Washing Services

Fort Myers - Cape Coral - Bonita Springs

Licensed & Insured

We show up when you call and we make sure the job is done right the first time.

We pressure wash anything

Residential Services

Complete Home, Boat Docks, Pools & Seawalls

AAA Pressure Washing of Fort Myers prides itself on providing local pressure washing services to home owners who want their property to look the very best. Let us pressure wash your boat dock, deck, driveway, home exterior, mobile home, pool deck and pool cage, pressure wash your roof, soffit/gutters, windows and pressure wash your seawall. We also offer home maintenance services upon request to seal up anything that needs to be fixed!

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Commercial Services

Complete Business, Awnings, Building Exteriors, Entrances, Parking Lots, Paito, Sidewalks and Dumpster areas.

AAA Pressure Washing services many restaurants, Small to Large scale businesses and we offer the best on time service in the industry. You can count on us showing up and getting the job done right!

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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services for Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of Lee County.

We use low pressure washing techniques as a safe and effective method for removing mildew, mold and dirt from your roof. Due to wet weather conditions and high humidity, mold and mildew will age the look of your home.

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Pressure Washing Experts

Cape Coral - Fort Myers - Bonita - Naples - Florida

If you want to clean up around the outside of your house to improve its look, do it yourself pressure washing may sound like a great way to start. After all, one of the keys to cleaning is elbow grease and a pressure washer does a lot of the work for your elbows. However, the same blast that washes away the dirt may also damage your home if you don’t know what your doing. Here are a few reasons why you should hire AAA Pressure Washing Service of Cape Coral Florida.

Pressure Washing Windows

If you're looking to quickly clean your windows, pressure washing might seem like a great idea, especially to reach those second story windows that have been collecting grime since you've moved in. Unfortunately, AAA Pressure Washing has found that homeowners who pressure wash their own windows do it improperly and many times damage seals and can leave your windows with drafts or leaks. You also risk damaging any awnings or other decorative fixtures around your windows.

Pressure Washing Roofs

Within a year or two of its installation, a roof can become stained due to debris from overhanging trees, birds, mold, mildew or pooling rainwater. Climbing a ladder and blasting away is not a good solution. Your shingles are relatively loosely attached and their asphalt covering can be washed away. Even if there is no immediately visible damage, pressure washing can eat away at their adhesive, reduce their life expectancy, and create the possibility of water leaking into your attic. AAA Pressure Washing offers a great solution at a SAFE and reasonable price that will clean your roof with no damage and it’s a soft wash system.

Pressure Washing Gutters

Pressure wash your gutters at your own risk! While you will certainly move any accumulated debris around, the odds are high that it will flow into the downspouts. If that happens, you'll likely end up needing to take your downspouts apart to clear the clog a process that will be much more time consuming than removing the debris from your gutters by hand. In addition, if your gutters aren't firmly attached and made of strong material, you risk knocking them off your roof or bending them out of shape. We understand how to properly clean gutters and have been cleaning gutters for over 15 years. AAA Pressure washing has a stellar reputation for providing the cleanest gutters in all of Cape Coral and Fort Myers area.

Pressure Washing Decks

Pressure washing is great for pool decks and side walks, and it seems like wooden decks would also be a great target, but they should also be avoided. First, wood isn't smooth. Any natural gaps or splinters will be widened or torn off. This will harm your deck's appearance and possibly affect its stability. Second, wood has both natural and artificial sealants that protect it from the weather. Improper Pressure washing blasts these away causing it to warp and potentially rot as rain water soaks in and the sun bakes it. AAA Pressure washing has the experience to clean your deck and even suggest the correct sealant to protect your deck for years to come.

We know Pressure Washing!

AAA Pressure washing understands how to properly pressure wash, man-made surfaces think driveways, sidewalks, concrete pool decks, pool cages, roofs, windows, gutters and exterior walls. We have made it very affordable for you to enjoy the look and feel of your property looking like new. Our family is committed to making your home look it’s best and making you feel better! We hope you will choose to make AAA Pressure Washing your new pressure washing service in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida.

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Pressure Washing from Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and Naples.

We love to show off our work. We take pride in our ability to make your home look cleaner than it was before. We also love to show off all the commercial work we do as well. We know you will love the way your business looks after we have cleaned it. Call us 239-292-3571 or request a quote.

whole home service

Before AAA Pressure Washing Service

Mold, Mildew, dirt and oil.

house pressure washing

After AAA Pressure Washing Service

Complete cleaning.

AAA pressure washing service

Before AAA Pressure Washing Service

Car wash

we pressure wash cape coral

After AAA Pressure Washing Service

Car Wash Clean!

fort myers pressure cleaning service

Before AAA Pressure Washing Service

This was a job!

driveway cleaning service

After AAA Pressure Washing Service

We always get the job done right.

roof top shingle cleaning

Before AAA Pressure Washing Service

Owner told us he was going to paint the house after we pressure washed. We wanted to save him the money...

tile roof cleaners

After AAA Pressure Washing Service

The owner said "It doesn't need painting!" we saved him $3400.00!

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Home Pressure Washing Prices

Let us Make Your Home Beautiful Again!

AAA Pressure Washing offers very competitive pricing but we may need to charge more at times due to the complexity of the job or square footage your home. We are fully equipped to pressure wash your boat dock, deck, driveway, home exterior, mobile home, pool cage, roof, soffit & gutters, seawalls and windows. If you own a business or manage an office complex we can pressure wash your awnings, building exteriors, front entrances, parking lot, patio area, side walks and dumpster area.


Flat Rate
  • House approx 2200 sq ft.
  • Included fascia/gutter/soffit.
  • Standard pool cage and deck.
  • Standard two car driveway and walkway.
  • Barrel tile roof.


Flat Rate
  • Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Gutters
  • All Pads
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Flat Rate
  • Standard Pool Cage
  • Pool Deck
  • Entrance Pads
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AAA Pressure Washing Team

We are family owned and operated with over 10 years experience.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers the very best Pressure Washing services. You will love the fact that you can contact our Founder Ed Garcia. However he might just be on a job so please ignore the washing noise in the background.

pressure washing

Ed has over 10 years of experience in pressure washing but even more when it comes to the building industry. If you want a man with integrity and knows how to get the job done the way you want it done then count on Ed.

Edward Garcia
Founder & Owner

Kyle loves working with his father in the field. You will see Kyle climbing ladders, pressure washing roofs and getting into the areas that old Ed just cant reach anymore. However Ed still says he can out work Kyle and we all know that is the truth.

Kyle Garcia
Son & Roof Specialist
Power washing services
Driveway cleaning service

Filomena has been working with her husband Ed for over 10 years and married for over 30 years. Filomena and Ed enjoy working together as family. Filomena keeps the boys on task and is and excellent customer care person and can answer any billing questions.

Filomena Garcia
Administrator & Wife

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AAA Pressure Washing Fort Myers - Cape Coral - Lee County

Let us make your home beautiful again! We invite you to request a quote and Filomena or Ed will be happy to give you the best service and the very best price.

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